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MediaX.com is the parent company to several fully-developed websites which have been born out of our domain name portfolio. It was founded by the Booth brothers in 2020.

Domain names are instrumental in the foundation of a successful company, and with MediaX, our mission is to provide consumers with relevant and informative content over a range of verticals by building out our digital properties.

We have been active in the space since the late ’90s and have a wealth of knowledge to offer if you are looking for advice on building your own digital brand.

We are always looking to add to our portfolio and continue to amass and build internet brands that we hope will enhance the digital space.

our brands

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We own a portfolio of world-class domain names and constantly strive to develop them into real brands.

Web Properties

Dimension.com is our main brokerage outlet run by Andy Booth. James also has his own at DomainBooth.com.

Exclusive Domains

We purchase only the best .com domains with a view to turning them into MediaX web properties.

Branding and Digital Engagement

We realize what it takes to build a successful website and offer consulting.
We have almost 20 years of experience on the web and are behind several well-known digital properties.

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Brand Building

Our mission at MediaX is to build out brands into fully-functional websites. We go beyond simply owning premium domains. We want that domain’s potential to be realized in the form of offering unique and interesting content to our visitors.


We have a team of digital specialists that manage our own portfolio whether it comes to content, brand-engagement or search engine optimization. We can also offer advice if you’re looking to build out your own brand, so feel free to consult with us.


We value our visitors and encourage them to participate wherever possible. One of our main goals is to provide interactive content on our websites and we strive to implement the best tools available in order to facilitate this. We always welcome suggestions to improve.

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Dimension.com is the brokerage firm led by Andy Booth. It specializes in acquisitions and can also help with the sale of premium domains.


XPay.com will become a platform offering a one-stop payment solution including both traditional and digital currencies.

We can help fix your digital issues

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Andy was the first Booth brother to get into the digital space. He began primarily as a domain name investor but loves the challenge of building new websites and is always looking to progress.


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